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Your Guide to Apartments Near
Yale New Haven Hospital


Are you looking for an apartment near Yale New Haven hospital? Are you one of the new residents of the hospital, an incoming student at Yale University, or transferring to a new position in New Haven? If so, we are here to help you find your next home. Surrounded by a vibrant community of artists, innovators, politicians, and celebrities, New Haven is a city filled with exceptional neighborhoods that all offer their own appeal. Some provide quick access to outdoor activities, while others boast a more cultural heritage, offering residents admittance to local museums, trendy eateries, and historic districts. To those looking to move to New Haven, we have created a quick guide to help you find the right neighborhood for you!

Downtown New Haven Apartments

Founded in 1638, New Haven is recognized for its New England charm and global cosmopolitan atmosphere. Situated on the coast of Connecticut, New Haven is most recognized as being home to Yale University – One of the top medical schools in the county. For this reason, hundreds of medical professionals are relocating to New Haven each year. While searching for their next apartment, this select group of individuals should consider moving to downtown New Haven.

apartments near yale new haven hospital

Downtown New Haven has been a home to Yale students for centuries. The area, which includes many restaurants, theaters, cafes, and boutiques, is actually one of the most densely populated communities in New Haven. Those moving to New Haven looking for apartments near Yale New Haven hospital should look no further. Plus, downtown provides easy transportation to the surrounding areas and businesses. For those working at a surrounding hospital, such as Hartford Hospital (45 minutes away), Midstate Medical Hospital (25 minutes away), or Waterbury Hospital (45 minutes away), downtown provides a lively community to relax and enjoy while winding down from a busy day.

One of the most sought-after areas in downtown includes Ninth Square. Ninth Square Historic District is recognized as being the center of New Haven’s cultural renaissance. Located in the middle of the downtown business district, it is comprised of historic brick buildings, displaying a unique compilation of 1940’s architectural design.

Apartment hunters may recognize terms such as “New Haven Green” or “New Haven Green District” when searching for homes in this area – This phrase refers to the 16-acre private park located near this significant part of the city. This area is great for graduate students who enjoy good food, a historic atmosphere, and the opportunity to get out and relish public events such as jazz festivals, concerts, and much more.

New Haven Green

New Haven Towers

New Haven Towers are at the epicenter of the action, located in downtown New Haven, less than half a mile from Yale New Haven hospital.  Situated near the corner of York St. and George St., New Haven Towers are within minutes of restaurants, entertainment, shops, museums, and landmark architecture.  Just two blocks from Yale New Haven Hospital, Yale Law School, Shubert Theater, and the British Art Center, these New Haven apartments provide all the services renters need. Most common residents of New Haven Towers include those working at Yale New Haven Hospital, which is situated roughly 1,000 feet southeast of the buildings main entrance.

Overall, access to Yale New Haven Hospital, which has two campuses – The main campus south of downtown and the St. Raphael hospital campus west of downtown – is simple when you live in downtown New Haven, CT.

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Apartments Near Downtown New Haven

For those who want to venture out and avoid apartments in downtown, they could consider one of the surrounding neighborhoods. If you are living in New Haven because you are associated with Yale, then your location may vary depending on where you need to commute daily. This map of Yale University shows where future residents should consider moving based on their employment or school location. Yale medical campus is located on the south end of the university, closest to downtown New Haven.

East Rock. Situated north of downtown, East Rock is home to hip hangouts and invigorating views. Offering numerous coffee shops, unique eateries, and Victorian style apartment buildings, many people enjoy living in East Rock because of the quieter atmosphere – Especially Yale students, staff, and faculty looking for apartments near Yale New Haven Hospital.

The Hill. Home to Yale New Haven Hospital and Yale School of Medicine, the Hill is located directly south of downtown New Haven. This neighborhood is primarily filled with newer construction, offering upgraded apartments with more amenities. Apartments located in this district are near Yale New Haven Hospital, plus ensure easy access to all the cultural experience’s city dwellers desire. The walkable distance to downtown also hand residents the opportunity to enjoy the late nights of the city without requiring a long walk home at the end of the evening.

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Wooster Square. Wooster Square is a small neighbor east of downtown known as the Little Italy of New Haven. Sponsoring a bastion of Italian American culture and cuisine, it is visited by many seeking the best pizza in the country. Being an older industrial location that was home to Italian immigrant families, Wooster Square housing offers more loft-style living and converted houses. Including newer developments, Wooster Square has more options for those looking for a more modern apartment. Plus, this area is still walkable from Yale campus, Yale New Haven Hospital and more.

Westville. Further from downtown is Westville, a community providing a more family feel. Residents of the neighborhood tend to be long term residents rather than students of Yale. However, it is not walkable to the campus or surrounding entertainment – Instead, residents can anticipate a fifteen-minute car ride to reach the center – But, if you are willing to drive or bike into town, Westville offers lower cost housing compared to the neighborhoods in and near downtown. Renters and homeowners can enjoy larger spaces in old Victorian homes, and take advantage of the numerous outdoor activities the city hosts.

For those looking for a new home near Yale New Haven hospital, look no further – New Haven Towers is the place for you. However, if you are looking to live outside downtown, it is best to visit New Haven to experience the true atmosphere each neighborhood has to offer.

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