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What’s Hot with
New Haven Food Trucks


It’s no secret that food trucks are hot these days. What’s better and more convenient than getting the food you want hot and fresh when you’re out and about in New Haven?

But, just like restaurants, some food trucks are off the charts, and others don’t make the grade. If you’re new to the Elm City, there are some food trucks that you need to know about because the food is just that good.

Food trucks and carts have been around for a long time in New Haven, especially near the Yale School of Medicine, Yale New Haven Hospital, and along Long Wharf. These food trucks have something for every palate. From Mexican food to seafood, Latin, and everything else in between, a multicultural flare is certainly present.

Here are some food trucks you don’t want to miss in New Haven, after all it’s called “Food Truck Paradise” for a reason. 

10 New Haven Food Trucks to Check Out

7-Fourteen Pizza

Pizza lovers, the 7-Fourteen Pizza Truck is for you! Check out tasty pizza as well as wings, hot dogs, fries, and more. Typically parked along Long Wharf drive, bring your appetite before you go!

Claypot Chef

Claypot Chef is a well-known Indian restaurant that provides fine dining on the go. Everything is made to order using only the best ingredients. Fresh is best! The menu centers around Halal meats made in many different ways.

Some dishes to try include the signature chicken Manchurian and chicken biryani. There are also many irresistible vegetarian options like fried cauliflower. Whatever dish you choose, you can’t go wrong!


It doesn’t have to be Taco Tuesday to enjoy food from the Ixtapa food truck. Mexican food like tacos and other dishes are always hot and ready to go. Burritos, quesadillas, tortas, and more are served up on this truck. This is another truck you can typically find regularly at Long Wharf.

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La ChickyMunchy

If you enjoy authentic Puerto Rican food, a stop at La ChickyMunchy is a must! Authentic Puerto Rican food is served up daily, using nothing but the freshest meats and condiments.

The menu covers a little something for everyone from plantains to octopus salad, it doesn’t get much more diverse than this! Come hungry and leave happy when you visit this food truck!

Caribe Soul

Caribbean tapas are on the menu at the Caribe Soul food truck. There are also empanadas, tacos, sliders, plantains, and more! Try a small plate or sink your teeth into one of their subs which are great when you’re on the go. Savor each bite of this delicious food when you visit.

Sweeney’s Hot Dogs

Did someone say hot dogs? Sweeney’s has been a staple in the New Haven area for years. Its delicious dogs have become legendary. Choose from an assortment of amazing toppings to customize your favorite dog!

la chicky munchy food truck


Fryborg doesn’t serve up your average french fries. They bring fries like Dutch Fries, topped with curry ketchup, mayo, and diced onion as well as Assimilation Fries that are topped with a fried egg, American Cheese, 1000 island dressing, and onion! 

You can pair any of these fries with Fryborg’s amazing sandwiches like the Caprese Melt or the Angus Burger. Make a meal on the go that’s delicious and intriguing!

Crispy Melty By Caseus (formerly The Cheese Truck) 

If you ever visited The Caseus Cheese Truck, which was a New Haven staple, the new version is Crispy Melty. They still serve up delicious grilled cheese varieties that you won’t find anywhere else. If you visit this truck, you have to try the Signature Sammie that features a blend of provolone, gruyere, gouda, and sharp cheddar cheeses on sourdough bread. Served with cornichon pickles and a grainy mustard on the side, this is a grilled cheese like none other.

Tacos Santa Ines

Enjoy awesome Mexican food like tacos, cemitas, burritos, tacos placeros, and more. The menu at Tacos Santa Ines has something for everyone so you’re bound to find something that tempts your tastebuds. When you’re looking for authentic Mexican food, you can usually find this truck parked along Long Wharf.

As our residents and employees of New Haven Towers can attest these are all a must try. You can find multicultural flair and hot dogs that are dressed for success. Whatever you’re craving, New Haven’s food trucks never disappoint!

food trucks in new haven ct

Most of the food trucks are located by "Food Truck Paradise" at Long Wharf located off of I-95 at exit 46. There are some others scattered around downtown near Yale University.
Did you ask who's our favorite child? All kidding aside, there's a reason there is ten on this list! They are all really that good.