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The Art of Hosting Study
Groups at Home


As the weather gets colder, everyone just wants to hunker down at home rather than trekking out to meet and study. Study groups at home can provide a cozy atmosphere for a meeting of the minds as you share ideas and some good snacks!

If you’re planning on being the study group host or hostess with the mostest, we have some ideas to get you going in the right direction! Check out our tips on organizing spaces, ideas about snacks, and effective study group techniques to help everyone get an A+!

Why Study Groups?
Did you know? Over 20 years of academic research, including 
a study from UCLA, shows that students in study groups have a
 10% higher chance of scoring A's or B's compared to solitary 
learners. This could be a game-changer during midterms or finals!
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The Best Way to Organize Your Space for an At-Home Study Group

Create a Private Area

When you have your study group over, you want a quiet, private area to get your work done. If you have a roommate you can politely ask them to go in their room or maybe leave for a couple of hours. 

You don’t want any distractions while you’re trying to hit the books. Be sure televisions are off and devices are only being used for work. The TikToks and Facebook Shorts will have to wait until the study group is over!

Make it Comfortable, But Not Too Comfy

You want your guests to be comfortable when they study. Choose chairs that are sturdy, yet comfy. If your chairs have a good amount of ergonomic support that’s a huge plus. Sitting in an upright position will allow everyone to focus better. If you choose to sit on the sofa or a living room chair, you and your guests may get too comfortable and not be able to focus on your materials.

Be Sure Wi-Fi is Working & Laptops Can be Charged

Before your study group comes over be sure your Wi-Fi is working and you have enough charging space for people’s laptops. Technical difficulties can put a real damper on your study group and minimize productivity. 

Set a Schedule

Setting a schedule of the areas you’re going to study can help you and everyone else to stay on task. Send out a group email or chat ahead of time so everyone knows what’s on the itinerary. While you may stray a bit, this will give you a good jumping-off point. You can manage your time better if you know all of the things you want to touch on during your study group.

Study Group Snack Ideas

If you’re hosting a study group, you need to have snacks…let’s rephrase that…you need to have good snacks! Check out these ideas:

Nuts and Seeds

Nuts and seeds are good grab-and-go snacks that have a ton of nutritional value. They can help to boost memory and improve concentration which are excellent when you’re in a study group.


Fruit is another easy snack that can give your brain a boost while satisfying your study munchies. 

Dark Chocolate

To satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth, add some dark chocolate to your study group snack box. Dark chocolate can help to improve blood flow and help your focus better. 


Cheese is rich in Omega-3’s and fatty acids which is good for healthy brain activities.


Have plenty of water to keep everyone hydrated. When people are dehydrated they can have trouble focusing which isn’t going to help your study group. If you want, you can add lemons or cucumbers to the water for a little more flavor.

Tip: While you may want to put out some chips and cookies because they’re easy snack foods, these can leave people feeling sluggish. You want everyone on their top game for your study group. The same goes for alcoholic beverages. Drinking can reduce focus and make people get off track. Wait to raise a glass until your study group is over!

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Effective Study Group Techniques

Make Sure Everyone is Committed

Nothing is worse than having group members who are not keeping their eyes on the prize. You want to have a group of people who share the same goals and are committed to helping everyone succeed.

Be Prepared

Send out a list of tools that everyone will need the night before the study group starts so everyone is prepared. This will help everyone to make the most of their time when they meet.

You may want to give everyone a topic to prepare. This can include extra notes on a specific subject or questions you can ask so that you are all ready for the big test.

Stick to a No Text, No Call Policy

Texting and talking during your study group is going to cause distractions and derail your goals. Be sure everyone is on the same page when it comes to no texting or calling while the study group is meeting.

Take Breaks When Needed

As a group, decide when you will take a short break. It’s always a good idea to step away to get some fresh air and stretch your legs. You can also use this time to make any quick phone calls you need to so you won’t be distracted once your break is over.

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