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New Haven’s Top Study Spots Near Yale


Looking for a study sanctuary for reading week, midterms or finals can be a daunting task.

The libraries are full and finding a seat with enough table space or a working plug socket can be a mission before you even get started! If you’re looking for a place to study away of Yale’s impressive libraries, we’ve got some New Haven study gems to share with you.

Research shows that getting outside for a walk before settling down to work boosts productivity and a change in scenery can spark motivation. Get out of your study routine, whether that’s hiding in your room surrounded by books or sitting in your favorite reading nook inside the Sterling Memorial Library. Pack those bags and check out these best study spots in Downtown New Haven!

yale students studying

Blue State Coffee

Walk over to York Street by the Shops at Yale on Broadway to get a seat at the ever-popular Blue State Coffee. There are several of this chain around campus but the seating arrangement in this one is most ideal for studying. There is a whole area separate to the cashier and coffee making center so you can grab a drink and a cookie, then set up shop without queues of people walking past constantly.

This café is open 7 till 7 each day (from 8am on weekends) so if you’re a daytime studier, this may be the spot for you!

blue state coffee

Orange Street and G Café Bakery

Looking for an outdoor study spots? If you’re a fan of studying outdoors with the odd people watching break, this area of Downtown is perfect for you! Orange Street has a great public seating area right next to G Café Bakery.

If the weather isn’t on your side, there is also some seating in the café that is often filled with students and their laptops. However, the café is only open until 2 or 3pm so grab your refreshments and a fresh loaf before it’s too late!

Make sure your devices are fully charged before venturing outdoors and if you’re planning a long study session, you may want to bring something comfy to sit on like a chair cushion; the colorful metal chairs can get uncomfortable over time.

g cafe bakery

Book Trader Café

Located on Chapel Street, this café is filled with inspiration and is also a popular study spot amongst students and professors alike. Open until 9pm every day, this café doubles as an independent used bookstore; browsing books and ordering sweet treats are both unavoidable. We’re a bit partial to this one too as it’s a 3 minute walk to New Haven Towers. Our residents are there pretty often!

Compared to other cafés downtown, there is an abundance of seating and natural light through the indoor solarium. Book Trader Café also offers free Wi-Fi and a really relaxed ambiance that’ll make you want to visit every day!

Book Trader Café

Starbucks on Chapel Street

Also located on Chapel but with a more corporate style is the obvious study choice – Starbucks. Even though there are so many incredible independent cafes around New Haven, this one had to be recognized for its location, space and effectiveness as a great study spot.

If you love Starbucks and can work in a busy environment, this one is the best in Downtown New Haven. It’s has plenty of seating with lots of window seats looking out onto the busy roads. Located on the corner or High Street and Chapel Street, it’s in a prime location close to the art museums and the hustle and bustle of downtown.

The best part about this part of the city is that it’s close to so many great bars and restaurants. So, after a few hours of productive studying, meet up with friends for a much-deserved rest bite.

starbucks coffee

The Study at Yale

The name of this location makes a lot of sense. As well as being a hotel and restaurant, this location offers spaces to work and study that look a whole lot more stylish and functional than your typical ‘table and chair by a window’ scenario.

Also on Chapel Street near the art museums, this hotel has a spacious lobby café called the Living Room with cozy nooks and quiet areas to study. It has comfy lounge chairs and tall bookcases that fill the quiet space. You can grab a drink, open a book and watch the hours fly past!

No matter your study style, New Haven has a wide array of indoor and outdoor study spots that’ll work for you! Try somewhere different to get out of your writer’s block and find new motivation to keep going on a project. If the change of scenery doesn’t help, maybe the baked goods will!

the study hotel in new haven

Your in the right spot already! If you know an area where you want to be studying - use Google Maps. It's the best well known secret :).
The Study at Yale and Starbucks is pretty much within 5 minutes of the Yale Old Campus and New Haven Green.