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    Don’t Miss These 5 Insider Tips

Going to Yale University?
Don’t Miss These 5 Insider Tips


When you’re a Yale student, you not only get to study at one of the nation’s most prestigious schools, but you also get to live in an amazing city… New Haven. New Haven, A.K.A. The Elm City” is well-known for its pizza, but there’s much more to the city besides its pizza.

If you’re new to the area (and even if you’ve been here for a while), there may be some things you didn’t know about New Haven that can make things fun. We like to call them insider tips. These are little things that every Yale student should know.

Are you ready?

Let’s take a look at these 5 New Haven insider tips that we’ve discovered.

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Late-night Falafel Time

If you’ve spent a night out on the town and you’re feeling a little hungry and maybe even craving a falafel, there’s a place for that. Mamoun’s is the place to be on Friday and Saturday nights. It’s the only place to get your falafel on after midnight.

There aren’t many restaurants in New Haven that have a kitchen that’s open late these days. Open until 1 a.m., you can also take advantage of their street seating when the weather is nice. There’s nothing better!

falafel mamouns new haven

Inexpensive Breakfast That’s Insanely Good

Many people don’t know that there’s a breakfast and brunch spot in New Haven that’s insanely good and inexpensive. The Pantry is often referred to as one of the best spots to get breakfast and brunch in The Elm City, and maybe even in the entire state. They serve huge portions and have some amazing dishes. They are cash-only, but as long as you know before you go, it’s all good.

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New Haven is Known for Its Hiking Trails

At first glance, New Haven gives you the city vibe. But, when you dig a little deeper there are some amazing trails that people love to climb. East Rock is a 427-acre park that is open year-round for hikers, rock climbers, and walkers. In the winter, it’s a must-go for snow-shoers. The best part is that it has views that allow you to see the city to Long Island Sound and Long Island. It’s truly one of the most beautiful parts of New Haven.


There’s More to Do at The Study Than Sleep

Many Yale students know The Study as a hotel where people stay when they’re visiting. What they may not know is that it is also home to Heirloom. What’s Heirloom you ask? Heirloom is a tasty restaurant that’s home to some amazing menu items like Nutella molten lava cake. It’s not something everyone realizes is there at first, but once you discover it you’ll wonder why it took you so long!

heirloom at the study new haven

The “Knot Garden”

Many Yale students don’t know about the “knot garden” behind the School of Management. Some people think it’s a hedge maze, but it’s not. Here’s a piece of history…the garden is located between the new SOM buildings and the 1932 Skinner House (now The International Center for Finance) on Hillhouse Avenue. 

The Trowbridge family acquired the building in the early 20th century and left it to Yale in 1978. There were specific instructions not to build over the garden’s box hedges. So, they didn’t. Now it’s a great place to sit, relax, and enjoy some lunch and even get some studying done! People are known to lie on the grass between the boxes, undisturbed. Call it a little piece of Zen!

There you have it, five insider tips about New Haven that you need to know about. The next time you play a game of “did you know”, you can say that you did. Who knows, maybe you can stump them with your knowledge! 

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