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The Best Pizzas at Famous
New Haven Pizza Places


New Haven is well known for its pizzerias and for good reason! The history of pizza in New Haven (traditionally known as apizza) dates back to the 1920s when Frank Pepe moved over from Italy and set up his own bakery. It is here where he began selling a simple recipe from his country, pizza!

New Haven has been recognized as a pizza destination for decades from its traditional trio of restaurants to newer, innovative pizzerias. When in New Haven, there is more than one kind of pizza you should experience. Which is why I’m sharing my list of the best pizzas in the best pizzerias. If you like pizza, you’ll love this list!

pizza in new haven

Frank Pepe’s

Traditional, simple but oh so delicious. Frank Pepe’s pizzeria is located in the Italian quarter of Wooster Square. Enjoy their finest coal fire ‘pies’ with famously charred crusts with your friends and soak in that rich history that’s as rich as its tomato sauce.

Top Frank Pepe Pizzas:

  • Frank Pepe’s Original Tomato Pie
  • White Clam Pizza
  • Amanti Della Carne

It’s a must try pizzeria and I recommend arriving around opening time or on a weekday as this popular joint is known for having queues out the door. It’s always worth getting a medium or large so you can enjoy those left overs the next day!

Photo by Diana Delucia

frank pepe pizza new haven

Sally’s Apizza

Another New Haven classic is Sally’s which was established in 1938 and is known for its coal-fired, brick oven apizza. Also located on Wooster Square, check out these popular joint and enjoy the traditional tastes that champion Italian heritage.

Top Sally’s Apizzas:

  • Tomato Sauce Pie
  • White Potato Pie
  • White Fresh Tomato Pie

Although Sally’s and Pepe’s are both traditional pizzerias, they are certainly different experiences and many people in New Haven have strong preferences of one over the other. When it comes to Sally’s, the white potato pie (potato, onion, mozzarella, parmesan and rosemary) is definitely worth a try!

sallys apizza

Modern Apizza

To complete the trio of traditional pizzerias, we have Modern Apizza which is located on State Street and began serving locals in 1934. Although still a very popular eatery, especially with students, Modern usually has less queues than the other two of the traditional trio which is a bonus in my books. According to a blind taste test ran by Yale Undergrads in 2008, Modern came up trumps with the tastiest pizza in New Haven. Why not go see for yourself?

Top Modern Apizza’s:

  • The Italian Bomb
  • Clams Casino
  • Hot Cherry Pepper

Although seen as traditional, it’s topping options are more modern than Sally’s and Pepes. Any meat eaters out there really should try The Italian Bomb and you will not be disappointed. It’s seven toppings are: sausage, bacon, pepperoni, onion, mushrooms, garlic, and sparse cheese.

modern apizza

Da Legna at Nolo

Also, on State Street, I’ve included the lesser known Da Legna on this list because of their mighty fine vegan options and mix of pizzeria and brewery. It’s a popular dinner option for both locals and grad students.

Unlike the traditional New Haven pizzas, Da Legna’s dough is fluffier and the artisanal toppings are unusual but appealing. From brussel sprouts to stilton to house made pesto, there are many topping combos to try out!

Top Da Legna Pizza’s:

  • Rosemarino
  • Honeypot
  • Salsiccia (Vegan)

It was hard deciding on only three top pizzas from De Legna’s. Their extensive collection of artisan pizzas as well as the option to make your own means you’ll likely want to visit a couple times to find your ultimate dream pizza!

delagna nolo


Bar is a very popular downtown location known for great pizza and great beer. Like Da Legna at Nolo, Bar has its own in-house brewery which is showcased within its industrial décor and general chill vibe. It’s also a nightclub, has a pool table and of course, a bar.

As well as being famous for its superb bacon and mash potato pizza, Bar’s innovative toppings are best tried on Tuesdays when they collaborate with Olmo Kitchen!

Top Bar Pizza’s:

  • Mash Potato and Bacon Pizza
  • Brisket Brunch Pizza
  • Classic Spaghetti and Meatball pizza (with Olmo Kitchen)

If you can think of an amazing meal, Bar has probably tried it on a pizza because why not? On weekends, I’d definitely suggest reserving a table and expect there to be a lively atmosphere most evenings all year around.

Whether you have friends visiting, or just fancy some top-class pizza, any one of these 5 pizzerias will hit the spot. For any pizza lover, living in New Haven is a total dream and although I’ll keep trying, I doubt I’ll ever get to try every possible pizza this city has to offer!

bar pizza new haven