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    Discovering Yale’s Dwellings

Delve into Dorm Life:
Discovering Yale’s Dwellings


Dorming Options at Yale

Yale Dorms.

A Crucial Decision Awaits.

The moment has arrived to choose from the vast array of Yale housing options. Will it be the cozy on-campus dorms, the independent apartments, or the spacious houses? Each is carefully tailored to meet your unique needs. The exhilarating part? Making the decision to call New Haven your home.

Dive into the Heart of Elm City.

Embrace a haven of cultural richness, delightful restaurants, and vibrant nightlife. Your journey at Yale is on the cusp of becoming even more thrilling.

Navigating Dorm Life.

If the dorm route piques your interest, there are essential things to be aware of. Together, we will delve into the various dorming options and provide crucial “know before you go” tips, ensuring your transition to dorm life is as seamless as possible.

Yales dorms

Yale’s Residential Colleges: More Than Just a Place to Sleep!

Yale has 14 residential colleges within the sprawling campus…we know, that’s a lot! First- and second-year students are required to live on campus unless they are married or are at least twenty-one years old.  Each entering freshman is assigned to one of these residential college dorms:

  • Benjamin Franklin College: This college has a Gothic Style that was inspired by the early 20th-century buildings of James Game Rogers.
  • Berkeley College: This is centrally located on Cross Campus on Elm Street.
  • Branford College: This dorm is known for its beautiful courtyards. Fun fact…several dogs live in the college
  • Davenport College: Davenport fun fact, people who live there are referred to as gnomes, after the mascot for that college!
  • Ezra Stiles College: People who live in this dorm are referred to as Stilesians
  • Grace Hopper College: This college was renamed in 2017.
  • Jonathan Edwards College: Members of Jonathan Edwards College are called Spiders because the college’s namesake, theologian Jonathan Edwards, wrote an essay about spiders.
  • Morse College: When you go to this college on the Yale campus, you are referred to as a “Morsel”!
  • Pauli Murray College: You’ll find this college on Prospect St. in New Haven which is near many attractions.
  • Pierson College: This area boasts a spacious, grassy courtyard beneath the iconic Pierson clock tower.
  • Saybrook College: Located on Elm St.This college is also in a great location!
  • Silliman College: Silliman is the largest college on the Yale campus in terms of area. It occupies most of a city block.
  • Timothy Dwight College: Of all Yale’s residential colleges, this is the closest to downtown New Haven and the city’s arts district.
  • Trumbull College: Trumbull College is named for Jonathan Trumbull who served as governor of Connecticut from 1769 to 1784 and was an advisor to General George Washington.

Map Credit: https://yalealumnimagazine.org/articles/3915-a-centurys-worth-of-colleges

Yale’s Residential Colleges Map

A Community of Convenience

Many first-year housing options consist of single-sex suites on mixed-gender floors. The suites can accommodate 4 to 6 students. They may have an internal bathroom they share with their suitemates or an external bathroom shared with other suites.

Every college has its own library, gym, dining hall, and activities, so you never have to go far to get what you need.

On-campus housing is also available for graduate students. But some residency halls have a 1-year limit for grad students, so you really want to do your homework to ensure you have a place to live. There are dorms, suites, and apartments available with various numbers of bedrooms. Many older students, especially those with friends attending Yale, prefer this option as it allows them to share an apartment.

On-campus apartment living is popular because you can have your own kitchen, bathroom, and living room. Who doesn’t want that?

Image Credit: Ezra Stiles College Event Halls (https://conferencesandevents.yale.edu/gallery/ezra-stiles-college-event-halls) 

common areas at yale dorms

Dorm Life at Yale: Know Before You Go

Here are some things to consider when it comes to dorm life at Yale:

  • Dorms are typically furnished, unlike apartments.
  • Dorms come with a bed, mattress, bureau, wardrobe, desk, and chair.
  • Expect a roommate or two (or more depending on your living situation)
  • You’ll have to share a bathroom.
  • You won’t have access to a kitchen. (Dining halls are a convenient option)

Don’t expect air-conditioned rooms. Most are AC-free, and you’re not allowed to install or bring your own. Perhaps bring a fan?


yale dorm

Off-Campus Living: New Haven Towers Offers Convenience and Comfort

For upper-class students and grad students, New Haven Towers has some great options right in the heart of downtown New Haven. Apartment options include:

  • Madison Towers
  • Crown Court
  • Crown Towers
  • 18 High

All of these are conveniently located near Yale University, Yale New Haven Hospital, and Yale School of Medicine. They are also surrounded by excellent restaurants and nightlife. With Yale Shuttle Service, getting to and from your home to all of these places is that much easier!

resident lounge at 18 high